Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Solitary Traveller

Awaken by the sudden jerk of the pendulum at the wee hours, I try to agnize where I am. Seems to be a familiar place. The wandering eyes finally remained fixed seeing the photos on the wall. The array of photos; photos of well-known faces; those who taught me life, who made my life meaningful, whose presence made me comfortable and unlaxed. Mid stood the photo of the young man that I love more than self!

Coming back to the senses I take the flashlight which always find a place under the pillow, focuses it towards the clock. The peregrine pendulum, ashamed of its behavior of waking me up soon, waves its hand as a sorry note trying not to face me. I give it a little smile and begin the work for my day. The work of waiting for my… oops who are they? I have been trying hard to make out the people who come and meet me whenever I’m hungry. Unable to remember their names, I hurt them a lot of times asking for their identity.

I roll my eyes and glint at every particle present in that house. My house. So close yet so distant.
How long I have been sitting like that, I never know. The blunt rays of Sun hit my face gently thus giving a friendly invite for the day to start though it knows that all it will get back is a numb acknowledgment from me.

I stand by the window to encounter the outer world. A bunch of ladies are waiting near the water tap, a heavy lady voice announcing the important news of the former day, children shouting, the milk man passing by and… All these I perceive with my muted ears & screened eyes. Life’s so close yet so distant.

I get back to my sole companion, the easy chair, revolve the eyes through the room and finally they get settled at the smiling face of the gentleman. My man. The one who neglected his oath on taking care of me till my last breathe!

She got up from the chair & closed all the doors and the windows. Thought for a second and covered the roadside window with her saree. She managed to take a chair and a saree and reached the inconspicuous corners of her house! The roof was so distant yet so close!!

P.S: The world celebrates World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on 15th June.

P.P.S: Let’s try spending at least a meagre amount of our time with the forbear. For us it’s just an hour spent, but for them those are the finest of moments!

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