Saturday, December 20, 2008

[Amma's Paintings] The Sun Rise

For a person like me who preferred CompSci over Biology just in the fear of dealing with the diagrams in records and exams, even a small work with a pencil and scale is a wonder.
I was completely astonished when i happened to see some of the pictures painted by my Mom in law. Her majestic strokes and the usage of royal colors completely made me spellbound.
Here i'm to showcase a few of her paintings which we managed to capture in a camera!

If you find the picture to be blurred or opaque, blame it on the way i captured it! :)

And didnt i mention that all were painted before 1970 i.e., before her marriage?!

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Cuddalore – Poison in the air?!

If you are asked of your favorite smell what would be your answer? Smell of Jasmine? Aroma of tea decoction? Paint smell?

Okay.. Now the second question is 'what is the worst smell you had ever inhaled'?
Rotten egg smell? Smell from a drainage ditch? That’s the maximum I too can think!

But there are a lot of villagers who breathe in the worst ever smelling air 24 hours a day throughout their lifetime.

If you want to know where those villages are located and what is the evil cause for this dreadful smell try travelling from Chennai to Chidambaram on ECR! In 2.5/3 hours you will come across Pondicherry, one of the loveliest states of India. Enjoy the gentle breeze that hit your face which becomes violent often, plays romantic game with your hair and gives you a nice travel! Another 30/40 minutes.. Cool! We have crossed Cuddalore district and just 30 more minutes to our destination - Chidambaram!

BTW now we are on the outskirts of Cuddalore on the way to Chidambaram. You will be enjoying the pleasant journey with a peaceful mind having the bus horns as the lullaby for your little sleep! Its time to face the reality! Are you ready? Could you smell THE dirtiest smell in your life? Yes we have come near SIPCOT Industrial Estate - Cuddalore. Don’t remove the piece of kerchief from your nose and mouth for another 10 minutes or you cannot take in anything for the rest of the day! Even if you close your nose that ferocious odor will hit you and that would be the most toxic smell any human being would have smelt in his/her life. If only there exist a toxicant which is more awful than this smell no one will exist there! That’s the maximum! :(

Everytime I travel from my hometown to Chennai (or vice versa) in the midnight around 1AM or 2AM, deep asleep inside the bus, the odor makes me realize that i am crossing the worst smelling place of TamilNadu. When we ourselves are disturbed to the maximum just by travelling through those places for a 5-10 mts time, what will be the fate of the people living in the nearby villages?

While I browsed for the info' all I get gave the warning alarm to prevent from getting the sequel of Bhopal Gas Tragedy! The Cuddalore SIPCOT case is no way lesser than the previous one! The only difference being the sudden death and the slow death!

Some of the strong toxicants which those people smell daily are Methylene ChlorideTrichloroethene (akaTrichloroethylene), Chloroform, Carbon Tetrachloride, Vinyl Chloride, etc.

Defenders say "For example, if you can smell benzene, which has an aromatic odour, you're already inhaling at least 38,281 times higher than danger levels. Similarly, formaldehyde, which has a characteristic pungent odour, has an odour threshold to danger level of 11,400.”

An article says that when a small boy was enquired about this he told "There is the SPIC factory that smells like a public toilet; Asian Paints smells like sapota fruit; Pioneer Chemicals smells alternately like a burning dead body or a decomposing corpse; Tagros Chemicals has a hospital-like odour or sometimes like boiled sugarcane juice; Shasun Chemicals stinks really bad like rotten cabbage or rotten eggs" How sad!
It adds "methyl mercaptan and dimethyl sulphide smell like rotten cabbage. Acetone is the key ingredient in nail polish. The rotten egg smell is characteristic of hydrogen sulphide, a gas that affects the central nervous system and stunts the mental development of children

We couldnt get rid of all the industries but we definitely could do something to prevent something big from happening. Most other countries have proper odour policies/regulations where India doesnt have one. The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board should have maintained the quality of the environment outside the factory but it fails as there is no concern about Environment protection. Its known even to the common people that the pollution here is way above the safe levels but noone is there to care about that. No study has been made to check the root for the odor that's coming out! Afterall they are not the sufferers, are they?!

Doesnt the health & existence of the poor people matter?? There is a high possibility for explosion and even then no person takes any action! ;(
In another article its mentioned that "The Bhopal disaster was the result of a combination of legal,technological, organizational, and human errors." And what was the result? Poor Lives!

When are we going to learn from the mistakes? :( :(