Friday, February 13, 2009

Love?? Sheesh!!

Neither had I hit girls at pubs
Nor I declared marry or Rakhi
No sarees I sent for chaddis
But yes I hollered – Love?? Sheeshhh!!

All the guys turned annoyed
As I was the master of advices.
For girls who get into embarrassments,
I was there for detachments

No failures in the past
No experience of being lost;
Still I managed to shrug
And aver – It’s nothing but a drug!

Then came you, the chameleon
To prove me that I was wrong.
Showered me with all forms of love
Those all in my family and friends give!

As a gentle breeze you crossed my life
It’s not my life but yours, I cried.
My memories always were about you
Day or night they didn’t have a clue!

Love was the last word I trusted
And marriage was the last but one;
Both the words got committed
Oh my! Now am caught red handed!!

Wish you all a very happy Valentines Day!!


Pavithra Vijay said...


grt attempt on poem writing...

brilliantly conceived and well written...



Nandhini said...

Thank u so much dear!! :)